Friday, January 24, 2014

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!! Limpeh is back!!! (Limpeh, 2014)

A recent conversation with a friend has triggered my 'lingum'/w*hyu (banned in Selangor)/inspiration to resume this blog and continue to instill FEAR to whomever that follow me and especially to those whom condemn me.

Some updates about me which have taken place throughout the past 3 years of inactivity:

1) I am no longer employed, I am self-employed ; attached my company page:
    SC Distribution Sdn Bhd -> Dor dor bong chan!!

2) Several changes on my attributes which you can notice very clearly on amendments of my profile descriptions:

"Era 2006-10 - A lazy, fat, not rich, pro dota, and lan c lan yong people who's employed but his pocket money still gonna run out very soon.

Era 2014 onward - A lazy, not-so-fat, not rich, and lan c lan yong people who's self-employed but his pocket money still gonna run out very soon."

a) Fat to not-so-fat ; Weight adjustment
After countless years of beers & fast foods, I have reached the pinnacle of my weight @ 104kg on March 2013


I undergo some transformations procedures from end April 2013 onwards, and running in between 79-82 kg  (depends on mood) as per Jan 2014


b) Removed pro dota 
I no longer play any computer games (played and quit WorldofWarcraft(WOW) in between 2012-13) , it is time to hop into productive bandwagon and figure out ways to print money

c) Employed to self-employed ; explained in point 1)

3) My faith in MCA had diminished, after this tragic episode :(


4) I entered my first ever marathon and I completed it

                                                      #finisher #earnedit

Since my 'lingum'/w*hyu (banned in Selangor)/inspiration stopped coming in after I have reinstated my blog, there wouldn't be any further topics of condemnation in this post. 

Hence the best title to put for this post would be related to the closest upcoming festival which is Chinese New Year 2014.

I wish all my friends/friendlies Gong Hei Fatt Choi!! & to all my foes SkykeepyouLA!!

A warm reminder to all of us to spend wisely and enjoy yourself during this holiday:


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The only question is choice

Tonight I went over a drinking session with one of my best friend and over the session he was complaining that he had get bored and sick of the company and the job due to all the unfairness that bestow upon him in work.

I listened, contemplated and follow up with some advise to him, the usual ones : You don't like, you quit, no boundaries etc.

Now rethinking over the topic again, it links me to something which I have read in Sin Chew today.


This is the story of a successful enterpreuner.

His father was a plumber, earn enough nickle to sustain a living for his family. When he was still a kid, day and night advise from the father, never grow up to be a plumber, study more, get a stable job, and making a better living for the next generation.

He was young, and he was curious. When daddy not around, he like to bring out daddy's toolbag, played around and do DIY plumbing. The gene inherited and it was his childhood hobby since then.

He finished his secondary, pretty good result, enables him to enter engineering stream at local university. Due to family hardship, he work part time in fish store, earning very little with crazy overtime but sustaintial for his daily expenses. Through the part time job, he learnt how to change water in aquarium, the correct method, the experienced way.

One time he did additional after sales service to a rich family by changing aquarium water, the family offered him RM 200 in return for the job done.

Seeing the lucrative for just a 1-2 hour work, something right just pop up his mind, he started his small enterpreunership by distributing lost cost photostated flyers to his nearby neighbourhood, offering changing water in aquarium service. Combining both his plumbing interest and experience he gained from the store towards this new career.

He keeps improvising the method, with his inherited plumbing knowledge, and the sales keep coming in, eventually, he got one of the biggest project offer soon enough, changing the water of fish pool. By that time he's still taking order by himself, execute the work by himself, chase payment by himself, all by home office.

He came up with an idea, interior design of aquarium and fish pool. He shared this idea with few friends, they started the business together.

There's always up and down in the circle of life, the partnership was terminated soon due to conflict of interest, he end up with Rm 10,000.00 in debt.

He never gives up, he took the project by himself, everything ran as usual, he keep taking in orders, togehter with only 1 worker. For few years he only get to sleep 2-3 hours a day.

Things start turning into him, and after a period time, he bumped into an invester (through client recommendation), whom invested into his business venture, and now, he is the director for one company (which initially open up a whole new market segment for aquarium interior design), with office, 28 staff, with healthy cashflow, and from the interview, he commented:

"Everyone has their own dream, however it requires the right timing and given chance for you to fulfill it. I do not stop at dream, I execute it, I never know whether I will success or fail, but I knew I had the guts to do it, and I enjoyed the process. When I am talking this to my kids, I can proudly tell them that I fulfilled my dream"

Lesson of the day
Architect to Neo: The only question is choice

To my friend whom drank 3 bottle with me today, you have the chance, you have the choice, but do you have the guts go for it.

To my other friend who kept quitting his job and changed job like 2-3 times a year, before we talk about choice, what is your dream? If you do not have it, skykeepyouZ la!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Underage Rempit tried to run away but caught by JPJ, cried to beg forgiveness summore FORCED to sing NEGARAKU LOL

You might fear them, but only if they are in group.


You might admire their courage, watching all the dangerous stunt they did on road.


You might think that, they are above everything.



Minute 0:26 - the end: Caught in action, begged for forgiveness and cried all the way till the end
Minute 5:26 - the end: Started to sing NEGARAKU

Young already so dangerous, if the JPJ really let the kid go at the end, he would grow up in NO FEAR, and join a bigger gang end up liddis:

This one really SkyKeepYou!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi, lim peh is back

Although my sifu is kidnapped by pirates in Somalia and dead/alive unknown, and my previous blog : kena banned by google and I cannot re-use the same title anymore.

Nevertheless after these few years of vacation and inactivity I finally found my inspiration over a yam char session 2 days ago and I have decided it is time to continue my journey of smashing anyone/anything that I find accross that is qualified to be skykept.

For the record, due to my previous url has been banned by google, all my previous records gone and in order reinstill fear to my enemies in this virtual online world, the new name of justice, would be my left-right tip top label and youz foolz out there should be trembling now for my wrath of merciless.

Before I start my slammathon, here's a little update on my whereabouts and my milestones over the missing pages.

#1 = I am now working as a Marketing Exec and most people over the twitter world knows me as #tamrontaikor <---- I didn't claim this title and some photogs frens just honored it to me #2 = I am still single and available and FYI I just failed to kao lui in the loft upstairs yesterday becoz the whole club was NO LUIZ at all left 4 of us including Dale whom basically 'pao' the entire floor.

#3 = I have been travelled around the world for these 3 years and the furthest place I went was UK.

Ulu Klang with their very famous beggar chicken, 10 mins drive from my house, captured with HTC Touch 3G Non Asperical Lens F3.3, and I did it without a tripod

#4 = Over the recent observation of blogging sphere, I have noticed that LaffLin has indeed grown its rootz and became the most ebil minded organizationz that would rulez the sphere of blogz, thousands and millions of soul-bounding contractz have been offered to their minions but non of it has to do with me coz I have been enlightened to a higher plane of eternal truth that I can earn money without Lafflin.

Like what my sifu said: east home not beat beat west home!

#5 = Tenkiu and congratulationz to Wingz, Dale, Kenny & Jerine for intentionally/accidentally became my inspirationz and the cause of suffering for all minions out there as my SkykeepyouZ journey startz here.